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English Teacher Position in Nursery

Toyama city, Yamamuro,


内容 Message

We are Currently hiring for an English Teacher Position at Manmaru Nursery Located in Toyama City.

This position also includes work as a childcare assistant.

Employment Conditions

-- Contract type: Contract Employee

Salary: 190,000円~220,000円

Shift: 5 days per week between between Monday and Saturday 8:30~17:30 1-hour break

※ 2 days off per week (In principle weekday work, with infrequent Saturday work dependent on the company calendar)

Days off: 112 days off per year, including Sundays, national holidays and a New Year holidays

Benefits: Enrolment in Social Insurance, commutation expenses paid up to 50,000円 per month, uniform provided

Requirements: Native-level English, able to teach English to children and work as a childcare assistant

Preferred: Business-level spoken Japanese ability, prior experience of nursery work

主催 Organizer


Tel: 0884222270  Tokushima prefecture, Anan-city, Takarada‐cho, Kawahara15-5

お問い合わせ先 Contact Info




Tel: 0884222270  Tokushima prefecture, Anan-city, Takarada‐cho, Kawahara15-5